Cultural Activities View Gallery
Every year the Institute in association with Hindustan Times, Lucknow organizes Inter Management Institute Cultural festival – “Akash Ganga” & ‘Sanskrit ’. Such activities unveil the talent of the students and thus reinforce them to nurture their self-concept in tandem to the needs of the versatility.

Co- Curricular ActivitiesView Gallery
The Institute gives strong emphasis to Research & Business Model Development and thus in the process organizes on a periodical basis an interactive & concurrent International & National level Seminars, Conferences, Symposia and Executive Development Programmes including Weekly workshops.

Sports ActivitiesView Gallery
The students are engaged in vitalizing sports activities like Cricket, Volleyball among others. The Institute encourages and deputes its students to participate in the Sports organized by other fellow Institutions.

Soft Skill development Activities View Gallery
Various Professional Career Training academies has been engaged for entire session to groom the students.

To meet out the requirement of the prospective employers, the institute provides an opportunity of grooming the students with an object to develop their communication ability and other soft skills by engaging outside Professional organizations and also with the help of its own trainers.


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